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The power to com ntences, and tonight, granting the request made by reality star Kim Kardashian after her visit to the white ho day, the president commuting the since of Alice Johnson, a 63-year-old great-grandmother, Servin life sentence for a nonviolent drug conviction. We have jusrned she’s now been releasedtonight, thanking the president and just thanking Kim Kardashian who of course pleaded her case. We begin tonight with chief white house correspondent jonathar reporter: It was a pardon request brourito the oval office by kimdaand now, one week prident trump has commuted the sentce of Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old eat-grandmother send to life in prison for atte to sale 70 kilos of cocain Johnson spoke from prison last fall. Pl, wake up,america, and help end this justice. Reporter: Today, white house prs secretary Sarah Sanders said, “Those who have Pai debt to society and worked to better themss while in prison deserve a second chance.” And kimardashianeeted, “Best news ever.” This comes am a flurry of pardon activity by the idst week, he pardoned controversconservativedy ne d’souza. He’s also floated the idea of pardoning Martha Stewart. And former illinois governor rod blagojevich, who was also on “Celeb apprenti I’ll do anything legal and etand honest ter: All of this raises the question other the president sending a Messa to Tse caught up in the Russia investigation. Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, or even paunafort, now face possible immediate jail time for allewitness tamperin this week, the wife of George papadopoulos, amp campgn adviser who hen a plea deal, made a direct appeal to the president on fox News. I know he is serious, because his incideis freedom is challenged. So, I trust and hope and a presidentrump to pardon him.I nope he . The ests now for pardons. Jon Karl live from the white house. And Jon, anotherheadline now you are following today involving first lady Melania trum he was in front of the cam for the first time since was hospitalized 27 days ago,or what you describ as a benign ki condition. Reporter: The first lady was with the pde the FEMA headquarters. She does appear toe doing quite well. The presideaid S went rough a rough patch,he is doing great. G news on that T. Jon car, thank you.

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