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To the white Hou and new questions about the prt’ legaleg after the leak of a 20-page letter from trp’ ga to special cou Robert mue declaring broad power to shut down investigations avoid questioning by prosecutors ahe president’s top lawyer, Rudy Giuliani even suggest T me E presidehe power to pardon himself and Cecilia Vega has thelatest. Reporter: Good morning you. The president’s own Republicans are now sounding the alarmut this that the president can pardonmself but Giuliani says it’t happen, the sequences would be dirous. President trump’s league team floating theontroversial idea just as Thea investiga is heating up. Hisersonal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, telling George the president can pardon himself but he won’t. Do you andhe president’s attorneys believe the president hahe to pardon himself? He is not but he probably does but — he has no ion of pardoning himself Bute prly does — doesn’t say he can’t. Reporter: Giuliani then called lfn unthinkable saying iuld probably lead toediate impeachment. But back in January, the press legal team wrote a 20-page memo to special counsel Robert muelleraiy “The New York Times” and ABC news, guing broad presiia obstructed the investigation because, quot by virtue of his positions the chief law enfment officer, that would amount to H obstructing himself and that he could if he wis terminate the inqu or even exercise WER to pardon if he S desired. The en lawyers also strongly pus back against a siwn with mur. Despite the president’seated ns he wants an in-person interview — I would lo of to spea I would love to. Nobody wants to speak more than. Reporter: Giuliani says it’s not looking likely. I have to just be honest wit leaning toward not. Reporter: One of reasons changingiee the one about what reallyappenedfter that now infamous trump tower meetingh don junior,ed ne Paul manafort and a Russian lawyer whom they were told had dirt on Hillary clinto himself dictated a misleading statement about why S sonk that meeting. He certainly didn’t dictate. Reporut inir letter the president’s lawyers for first time CDE H did, , dictate the statement. This is the reasoou D let the president testify. If, Y know — our recollectio keeps changing Reporte so if Mueller were to subpoena the president to Y, giulianiays they would fight that in court. He S the Mueller team has everything it needs from documents to wins. They maintain, GE, mue does not need the prento wr up this investigation. Cecilia, on another front ee T first lady coming to a pub event, theold STA families at the white house the fire today in three weeks. Yeah, George, so for cameras are notected to be inside this event B toldhe will be attending thisvent for those families at the white hous it’s been 24 days since we’ve laid eyes on the first dy. Course, had that benign ocedure for a being kidney condition last Mon and didn’t accompany pdent to camp David this weekend. Not going the g7. This come or now the singap summit next week. Her office says she’s been busy with meetings and planninor things like the upcoming fourth ofulycelebration. The president’s legal strategy with Dan Abrams and Chris Christie and let me begin with you. R Giuliani walked back was a pretty Ng assertion of presidtial power. That’s right. We should beleboutthat. LE poses radical legal theories. Number one, idea that if the presidente subpoenaed which I don’t think he will be, the fact Thate could basically ignore the bpoena. That he wouldn’t have go to court to even fig it. And I tnk that almost no one in the legal community would agree with that there are supreme court cases that relevant to this, not ctly on point but relevant which wouldtainly indicate that the pre likely would have to testify. Number two on the obstruction of justice, yes, it is truehat the president likely W indicted as eating preside for anything, but notion that he simply can obstruct justice, weha one O the articles ofeachment against Richard Nixon, against Bill Clinton so, of course, a ent can obstruct justice, do mn he’d get charged as tting president. They went Ono say he could shut down any investigation for any reason and the bottom LI, Chris, of this 20-pageter is don’t H yourath for an interview. There’s notoing to Ben interview. There can’t be for a whole variety ofeasons there shouldn’t be so theresident as much as he may think he wants to testify and meetith Bob Mueller he shouldn’t andould say one other thing, whatou’re but in the quyhe legal am. That kind of letter indicates tou that the prent was operating with a “B” teamflegal representatives before this and now he’s got people who really understand I think much bettert his liabilities ar and also what the opportunities are from B a legal and a public relations perspective to move this thing is direction The president himselfpened up a new argument as well now saying he should have been told about T investigations both about this FBI informer and the fahat Paul manafort, his campaign cha was being investigated. As a candidate H is saying he should have been , right? This idea that T FBI should start dising to a presidal candidate any who they’re investigate I mean, the bottom is and I think gernor Christie can probably — I see him shaking his ad. Eople probably warned him agai manafort and warned him out issues with manafort having nothing about knowing about the F inveation. I did this for seven years. I Donar you’re running for. We’re N telling you. We’re not ava investigation firm to help you withti your PEOP who you employ in yourcampgn. The fact is that T reason we operate that way is because in the justicrtment we’re supposed to keep tho thing secret. We’re legallyound to keep them secret unless a until we have some type of charge announce and people want I that wa because you don’t want every rumor and investigation that’s run down by the jce department there in public. We saw T esident’seam finally admitted he actually dictated that trump tower statement. Even though they never cct the record in public. Well, and hadep saidblicly THA it wasn’t wasn’t a sort of gray arthey said he wasn’tinvolv. I mean, Jay seclo told you he wasn’t involved now they’re saying dictated it. Wo differ things quickly. Appens pritely with the lawyers hng lanterns on the problems created by misstatement tass come the white H at times. Tang you both. N, you’ll be back later to talk about another presidentbe Lincoln in Y new book “Lin last trial.”

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