Trump forces defense secretary to leave post early Video

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As if the shutdown wasn’t enough, there is more political news during this holiday week including a personnel move. President trump showing James Mattis the door two weeks early. He announced he would leave at the end of the February, but on Sunday, angered by the scorching tone of the resignation letter, trump tweeted that Patrick Shanahan will step in starting January 1st. Meanwhile, president trump is facing turmoil on the economic front. He mused aloud about Jerome Powell of the federal reserve. The president unhappy about interest rate hikes that have helped drive down the stock market. Wall Street is hoping for a Christmas miracle after the market’s worst week since the 2008 financial crisis, now down more than 4,000 points from October, and Steve mnuchin looking to reassure investors, saying on Sunday he called the CEOs of the country’s six largest banks, and issuing a statement that the banks do have enough credit to lend.

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