Trump focuses on counterterrorism in Afghanistan Video

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Transcript for Trump focuses on counterterrorism in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan. My administration. Is holding constructive talks. With a number of Afghan groups. Including. The Taliban. As we make progress in these negotiations. We will be able to reduce troops’ presence. And focus on counter terrorism and we will indeed focus on counter terrorism. We do not know where there. Will achieve an agreement. But we do know that after two decades of war. The hour has come. To at least tried for peace and the other side would like to do. The same thing. It’s time.

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{“id”:60885516,”title”:”Trump focuses on counterterrorism in Afghanistan”,”duration”:”0:54″,”description”:”The negotiations with Afghan groups, including the Taliban, will focus on establishing peace and reducing the presence of U.S. troops.”,”url”:”/Politics/video/trump-focuses-counterterrorism-afghanistan-60885516″,”section”:”Politics”,”mediaType”:”default”}