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Remember obaling us that, you knbefore the electihese jobs are gone. Theynot going to come backthey’re back. Jobs are cominck. We’re being exporters of soybeans and big exps of beer here so there is a cancer I think president trum tariffs on Ina, they’re tactical and very segic. Wish he wouldn’t have don what he did becausink it’shurting a lot of the farm counities and it’s going to huhem more. Say what yowant about trump, he businessman. Sed to dealing like saying here it is, going to do it you do wt you have to do and their bluff. A wide range of opinions on the growing thf a trade R from voters we spoke to in the midwest and joining me now to tk about that and M more, ABC news senior congressiorrespondenmary Bruce, ABC ncokie robes, Jo Johnson, Hof NPR’s “1a” Franco ornez, white house correspondent for mcclatchy. Welcome toll of you and, Mary, I got to start with you. Let’s start where we E with Lindsey graham and that is Scott pruitt.the’s been a lot of ABC reporting on this that house for $50 as well as other things which we all kno pretty ha to find. Ho hstill hangg on to his job? That’s the big question. Look, I meanlicly the president says he still has his ck. Privately we know the present rowing frustrated by all of this seemingly never ending ntroversy. This constant drip, drip, drip and there is this rift within the white house. Now his chief sff John Kelly wants him gone. So do gring number of lawmakers including Republicans. Mean we just have R seen a cabiseetary in recent memory face so many ethical questiono many different fronts from that sweetheart real estate deal to an inflated security detail. His seeminglnchant for luxury travel. All thesequestions, the bottom linhe president likes hi he’s long been one the president’s rites because he’s doing the tou work that the presidents. He’s rolling back all ofse regulations fulfilling tesident’s agenda at the EPA. Question now is whether thisowing cloud makes that more difficult and esident ultimately says Engh is enough. It’s th prent’s voters whike him and I the same way They’ve been very V. Exactly. The same WHE evangelical Christians have St behind Na trump despite his piles saying we like his policies even if we T like these aspects of him, same thing is tth Pruitt. People are saying wee his pocies, even if we don’t like his transgrens and so we wa him to stay there and Mr. President, yeep him there. , Mr. President, you keep him there. Mary meioned John Kelly. I got to move to John Kelly. Well,s what I was about to say. John kellythink he’s the one to really watch. We’ve heard mult reports, just one, the wanted him out. Tw his big jobs, is watch the president,e sure ‘S doing what should be done but another one ake — make your cabinet members are accountable. He has tked to his cabinet about some of these issues. And the fact that he has said pposedly that he wants him out and it’s not being listened to, you got to wonder how effective N Kelly re be. There was a story in “The Washington post,” ABC news has alsoeen reporting on this that his role was diminished. John Kelly’s role has been diminished the white house. And the ident reporting “The Washington post,” that story false. The other thing I would keep in mind with reg to John Kelly, some of reporting has said he in a recent meeting sa I’m out of here. Didn’t know if he met I’m out of here for the day or I’m out of here, good luck, well. With regard to Scott Pruitt could up for a second, el like Scott Pruitt increasingly te I think about is the easiest to replace. EPA cy does not change quickly. There haeea number of regulationat the ministration has triedsue against.the courts have struck dand left the rules in place. Rules can take years and years make. So the president couery easily put in someone with the same ideological bent as Scott pruittants the same policy aiutone of the baggage a keep right on moving with that piece of his policy. Re’s been probably more focus on the EPA and EPA admirator than oddly enough than any else. I want to turn bk to the ris this week and what we in West Virginia with the president Lilly tearing up his script Having a grand time doing And having and time doing it.I’m not sure he ever looked at it to begin with. All we’re talking about, is he reallnow running the white house the way he wants? Clearly, clearly, that is problematic. But he is — the ts are very direct every day now, quit few usually. And the pe — with Mcmaster ne, I mean the people who really were saying let’s run it Thay are gone with the exception of Kelly and it looks lily is getting weaker by the day. So at what point does alk out? But tariff situ ly something trolesome. Your wonderful interview from this year — [ laughter Long tigo. When the gentleman said, you ow, was talking about smooth haul — smootley. Talk about educated voters but iOS like thaand he was making a very good point. This is a scary moment. Mary, you were on ground and out the checking with votero and there was the comments on gration, the comm on the border, how did that play with people? The president is clearly hug red meat at his base bringing up all these issues,talking about immigration, bringing up again those unfoded claims about voter fraud and E those may be issues that a lot of votes they are at the top or list, those th we talk to in west Virginia, they’re mostrned about the economy. About jobs, about the things that the prent was supposed totalking about in that speech, the Republican T plan which is also, by the what Republican leaders want president to be talkabout when he’s out there ins areas. Let’s go O the border. E are serious concerns with certainly with voters I’ve talked to about the border on — E border states. What do you about him calling up national guard?ll it backfire? Will it — I think the national guaras Mary was saying a call to his base. Look, ink so many of these things that he is talking about are reallylic gestures. These migration erns are seasonut I think the point he things that trump is suggesting now to do, Obama already did them. Bush did many of tas well. Call the National Guard, Cal for more detentions at military facilitind catch and release. Tdid those with anticipation of an immigration reform bill coming through.both Obama and bush sen the National Guard as a prelude. It was a different time. Yes. To try to an immigration bill passed. This is very different from that. I think it is different in the sense he reasons for doin my poithat it’s Mo symbolic that he’s making the effort to do third we saw this in 2014. Some of these things when the crisis of the unacanied minors came up and still sg the numbers again several years later, so it’s reallrd to address. And when Obama tried to end catch anrelease, for example, E courts suck him down and they said, you can’t do that. So the cs and the aclu and thesou are ready and preparin And church. Want to turn to Syria for a moment a you saw T president’s tweetss morning. There will be a price to pay. It sounds toe like the wl be a response. Do you see that? I think so.I mean I can’t — I don’t follow the presids tweets as closely as some people which is probably why I sleep so well. Bun’t recall him referring ss as an animal that. He put a lot more of the culpability ladimir Putin at least in the tech of T I’ve gun thinking about the conflictsyria particularly regard to the fight against isis the fight against a wildfire, you put out one ho spot but you have to kit ol because if you N’t, then then the fire can — the flames can mp right back. Son president Obama certainly Lear Exactly,hich president trump has criticized prident Obama for. I would read you theet but you wouldn’t sleepnight. Thank you, ha. You’re a nicderator. What he talked about all through E campaign was don’t give times. Don’t tell peoplu’re pulling out. Pulling out. Was referring mainly — H, that was pretty ocking this week to hear H say we’re going to get out. We’ll pull out,ht, then you have a gas attack. I want to gck to the hill and look frd a little bit. This week we have mark ckberg on the hill. Whato you expect? Arere new regulations? We did see Zuckerberg come on Friday and support this legislation that would increase transparency among — on political ads and ink that is certainly welcomed by Mon capitol hill. Ia bipartisan effort but if zuckerberthinks that means not going to face a brutal grilling is sorely mistaken. This is a congressional gauntlet What do Ty want to know? They want to know go over thesivacy issues and Gover what happened with Cambridge analytica, but, remembthey alive a lot of unanswered quons about what happened in the presidential elect how this platform was used by Russia to me in our Elon and most importantly how to prevent throm happenin again as you barrel towards the midterms. So H gng T be getting it on both sides. They want to have their day they do — Which is often the case on E hill. Yeah. And he’s en sending out shyl Sandberg, you know, who ca interview a way that is appealing. We’ll see how pealing Heon the hill. And what else is on the en, Mary? Not a whole lot. Look, I think what comest on the hill lar depends on the presiddoes next. He clearlysuffering from soious buyers’orse about signthis huge ombus spending bill which did not do enough on his border wall. He feels he ripped apart on the right for signing this bill thadoesn’t dough on immigration and ulfill his prom to build that big, beautiful wa when congress went out on this eak, the overall thinking on the hill was they N’t really going to do anything on immigration. Theyeren’t going to do anything on DACA. Thoment passed now the president is turning up pressure. Will he continue to do T reican leaders are waiting to see what the prent does next. I interested to see what Mark Zuckerberg thinks but I think is a good time for us to much more educated about Facebook ourselves as users. There two websites ild strongly suggest everyone who usesebook go to. One is faceboom/help, which is site that allows you to have direct links T change your policy sng the the ‘S the plain English explanation of Facebook’ta policy If Y ever wondered what they’re doinow is the time toead it, especially because the eu new laws called thpr, I believe. That are suppose affect Facebook’s privacy sets for every zen of the European union whether the in the eu or tveling so the rules for the way we useebook are chging very, very soon and regardless oat congress is LE to do because we know that members of cons are such tech fre now is the time to learn how faok — Joshua not only an analyst but an instructo thank yohank you, professor, I eciate it. Franco, I just want to run to the hill and whau see going forward in the new months. Is there buyers’orse for the bill that — wis it, $1.3 trillion ding bill? I mean I think there’ing to be questions about thill. I’m very interested aswas saying in the immigration bate. Lindseaham in youinterview predicted thmmigration will come back up. He talked about DACA B an issue. I threpublicans are going Tobe kind of reluctant to do that. However, I think they wish and Thell try to support trump ting an immigration package to kind ofport him in today’s effort to suppohe wall. But I think demos and Lindsey am will try to kind ush DACA in there to get it to brt of this discussion and as had said earlier, this is anue that trums said he would support in T past. A very narrow border and DACA reement. Can they get it done? They ca that if conservative Republicans allow them to. And th T real question. Whether the consti reblicans insist on adding to that the C migration a family separation, all that. But the other thing that’s goi happen is hconfirmation fights. I meanve got theiand the state department up and a lot ofquestions about And you Thi there be fights there? Just a couple. And, Mary, just -just want to clth you, Mueller investigation. Does that play in a way here? Eah, I mean, of course that’s always overshadowing all of this on capitol hil but I do think you’re GHT in coming weeks and months as you hespecially into the midterms, it becomesven harder I thfor Republicans to take on some of these big fights. How they play that, we have the pressure of an election, , breathing down your neck is a diflt one to square. Probably just want keep hanging out and doing,king the tax cuts. Yeah. I’m suret’s what they’ll do. They’ll St keep hanging out and doing that. Ks to all of you for joining us this Sunday morning and we’ll right back. Be right back.

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