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Now to president trump and the Russia investigation. After two explosive new reports. First, “The New York Times” that the FBI investigated trump for being a Russian agent after the firing of James Comey. And “The Washington post” saying the president took steps to seal the conversations with president Putin. Reporter: The president flies to Louisiana today to go to the farm bureau convention. A typical presidential event. As he go about his daily business, these reports today offer more and more disturbing evidence that from the very beginning, the subject of Russia and Vladimir Putin has been an extraordinarily sensitive one for Donald Trump. As president trump heads to Louisiana this morning, two new reports are putting the white house on the defensive. One involving the private talks between the president and Vladimir Putin. I had a conversation like every president does. We had a great conversation. Reporter: Trump fired back against this “Washington post” report claiming the president wept to extraordi lengths to hide his private conversation with the Russian leader. I’m not keeping anything under wrap. I couldn’t care less. It’s so ridiculous. Reporter: “The post “Reports the president confiscated his own interpreter’s notes from his meeting with Putin in Hamburg and shut out member of his administration. Why is he so chummy with Vladimir Putin? Reporter: It could spur the Democrats to subpoena the interpreters. The white house is pushing back hard on a “New York time” report that says after the FBI director James Comey was fired, the FBI opened a koupt intelligence investigation on whether the president had been working for Russia against U.S. Interests. R. Are you now or have you ever worked for Russia, Mr. President? I think it’s the most insulting thing I have ever asked. The most insulting article I have ever had written. If you read the article, you would see they found nothing. Reporter: No collusion, that, of course is the president’s mantra on this. As Robert Mueller racks up the guilty pleas. And newly impartialed house Democrats ramp you are their side, whatever the story is, that is coming out. February 7th, Michael Cohen set to testify before congress. The president speaking out. And the house chairman warning the president again interfering with the investigation. Reporter: That’s right. Michael Cohen, the president’s long time lawyer and fixer has decided to speak in public. One of the most highly publicized testimony in years. The president will undoubtedly come after him. The Democrats want to make sure Michael Cohen can do it and do it right. To the massive strike in L.A.

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