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president trump striking a bipartisan tone today, throwing his support behind legislation on prison sentence reform, that’s backed by members of both parties. There was also a breaking development tonight, after first lady Melania trump publicly said that a top deputy does not deserve to work in the white house. That deputy is now out tonight. ABC’s Cecilia Vega from the white house. Reporter: At the white house today, president trump backed a bipartisan plan to reform the nation’s prison and sentencing laws. Did I hear the word bipartisan? Did I hear — did I hear that word? Huh? That’s a nice word. Reporter: That’s a far cry from his fear-mongering message on the campaign trail, insisting Democrats were behind that caravan of migrants heading north. He tweeted about immigration and the caravan at least 30 times in the weeks before election day. But since then, the number of presidential tweets about immigration? One. And not a word about those 5,900 American troops he deployed to the border. Today, Arizona’s Republican senator Jeff flake called it a ploy to win votes. You can’t call it anything but a stunt here. Reporter: Secretary of defense Jim Mattis and homeland security secretary kirstjen Nielsen meeting some of those troops on the border today. Hello, soldiers, how are you doing? Reporter: Sources say Nielsen is likely to lose her job in a looming white house shakeup. Chief of staff John Kelly could follow. Asked about their fate, today the president told “The daily caller,” “We’re looking at a lot of options.” Deputy national security adviser Mira ricardel, after first lady Melania trump publically declared she does not deserve to work in the white house. The first lady has told ABC’s Tom llamas she does not trust some of the president’s staff. Did you let him know? I let him know. And what did he do? Well, some people, they don’t work there anymore. Reporter: But late tonight, the white house announcing ricardel is off the job. She’ll be taking on a different role in the administration. All right, so, let’s get to Cecilia Vega live tonight from the white house, and Cecilia, that national security adviser now out. Your sources telling you tonight she’s been reassigned? Reporter: She has, David. But we still don’t know where she’s headed next. We’re hearing that the first lady was irritated with ricardel, and the first lady feels like she has disrespected some of her staff.

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