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from the president when it comes to brettav accuser. Tonight, the presidenting aim after many days of what some considunar restraint. And Susan Collins saying she’s APD by thepresident’ Atta. Th the amerin people haven’t even heard from the accuser yet. Cecilia Vega tonight. Reporter: After days of unstic restrnt that surprid those in hisnn circle, president T no lo holdingback. Te what’s gng on is just very, very sa you say, why didn’t someby time today mened Christine bl fy, tweeting, I ha no D if the ak on Dr. Fordas as bad as says, chars would have been immediely filed with local authoritieby either her or hervi parents. That pmpoutrag from untless won, forwd with their own person stories with #wididn’trept ingter. Susan Collins publicly blast the presidt. I was led B the tweet. We know allegations of sexual assault are one of the unreported crimes that exist. So,ught that the president’s tweet completely r:orls the “Washington school payhere says va sexually assaulted hehe did anyone because was worri about getting in trouble foroing O th teenagers who were drinking. She led thig, I’m not everelling anyoneth Kavanaugh denies the allega Ford’s sister inay readfor the world to know the story. Thewut wt he did in his youth S onsible. Reporte Republicans want earing toe place on Wednesday, not Ford Rees and the all-male Republican lie senate jry committee is insisngutside counsel lead thequesoning. But E se’s top rebl seems to already have made up nd. On th Ed statesupreme cot. Cecilia, you’re now learning sena rns have given Dr. Ford a deae to accept esday? Yes, and they’ve Ed theeadline back to 10:0m. Th C could technic wait if they to. But thresident said they want to get the hearie boo and fast, esplly with the midterms quickly appring. Andhe statemero Democrats on thecommitte saying they want to hear from E FBI, andhe person W administed ford’sgraph test, as as judge? Reporter: Yes,writin is reason not to hall the facts. So far, no respons from repuicmembers. David? Cecilia, thank you. We haveorted man whoegedly jumped a fencean abl to G onboard an

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