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on aery busy fridaygh we begin with history made, as North Korea’s onetime spymaster traveled T white house cangr from Kim ng-un. When they emergr anr later, the president tellin reporters twere going T Singapore. E president say the letter was interesting, then ING had read it yet. Thisene’ve learned T prest has now read the letter. Jonathan Karl leading us off. Reporhey sure didn’ look like bitter enemies when emerged from their oval office meeting. This wassed to be a Ju letter delivery. Kim Jong-un’s rihand man delivering a message the north Korean dictator. But it turned intoething more. P Repr: For, news. The big summit is happening after all. But we’re going to be June th, we’ll be iapore. Reporter: Until last week, north a’former spyef, and Kim Jong-un’s most feared rcer, was not allowed to set foot in the United States, cially sanctioned and banned. But thisernoon, Kim yong-chol and his small entourage arriat the white house in a black SUV. Mr. Kim and his translator W quickly ushered in by chief staff John kelly.the other rth koreans,ot lod in. There was no sign of the letter,but he did have Ith him and whituse officials itas tested for poisons before given to the president. It was a very interesting letter. And at some point it may be appropriate, it may be, and I’ll be ato give it to you, you’ll be able it. And maybe fairly soon. Reporter: But a few minutes later the president this. Ien’t seen the letter yet. I purposeldnn the letter. I haven’t opened it. I didn’t open it in front of T director. I said, would you want me to open it? He S you can read it later. I Ben for a big surprise, folks. Reporter: At any rate, officials say he has now read the letter. With the summit now officially back on and the president hing his signatumbs up as he bid farewell to the north Koreans, he is trying to lower expectations, at least a little. It wia nning. I don’t say, and I’ve never said it happens in one meeting. You’re talking about years of hostility, yearsprlems, years of really hatred between Y different nations. But I think you’oi to have a very positive result in the end. Jon, you watched as this unfo this afternoon. Prent trump has now read the letter from kimjong-un. Do we H a ide what was in letter? Reporter: T white houas just releas photos of the prent taking delivery of Lett it’s in an oversized envelope. The whites won’t S much about what is in the tter. Just that theresident read it after he said good-bye to Mr. Kim, and it contained a positive message T clears the way, David, for that summit in Singapore O June 12th. Inhe meantime one more question O this tonight. This mng lasted far longer than anyexpected. Let’s get righto Martha atz. Let’smind everyone what the presid said just a week ago. Based on the recent statement of North Korea, I have decide to term the planned summit in Singapore on june. T jus eight days ago.we were on the air, W heard the president a about cancelling the summit, a H said we’re llver the hightensions. Reporter: It’s clearhe president really wants this summit to go ahead, even though ther may not be any grand resu as far denucleation. The presidentai the summit will be the beginning of a process which could involve a series O meetings in the future. President tr used the word process nine times to it looks like I will be slower process, and that it Wil make the N Koreans happy as well. Martha, thank Yo

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