Trevor Noah: Trump Border Wall Needs Service Entrance — For His Undocumented Maid

President Donald Trump is still pushing for a border wall with Mexico, even though The New York Times revealed that his Guatemalan housekeeper at his New Jersey golf club is an undocumented immigrant.

“He never said there’d be a service entrance” in the wall so his maid can continue making his bed and ironing his boxer shorts, quipped “The Daily Show” comedian Desi Lydic.

“Good God, talk about jobs Americans don’t want to do,” piped in Trevor Noah with his new special “talking app.”

Noah lost his voice last weekend and is under doctor’s orders not to use it, so he relied on his computerized app voice with attitude. Almost all of his lines were delivered instead by Lydic, who sat beside him Friday night for the monologue. 

Trump responded to the Times story by saying his housekeeper will be fired because she doesn’t have papers.

“I gotta tell you, I’m surprised,” said Lydic. “Usually if you’re a woman in Trump’s bedroom, the only document you need is a nondisclosure agreement.”

Check out the rest of the clip above.