Trevor Noah: Even Trump Has No Idea What ‘Obamagate’ Is Supposed To Be

“The crime is very obvious to everybody,” Trump said. 

Between intermittently tweeting “OBAMAGATE” in all caps, Trump has retweeted several right-wing Twitter users and fringe media outlets plugging the relatively unknown and elaborate conspiracy theory, which alleges Obama led an attempt to sabotage the incoming Trump administration.

“That’s just weird,” “The Daily Show” host said on Tuesday. “Trump won’t tell us what the crime is because it’s ‘so obvious’ that you don’t even need to ask. Even though everyone needs to ask!”

“So we have no idea,” Noah added. “We have no idea what ‘Obamagate’ actually is supposed to be. And I don’t think Trump actually knows either.”

Check out Noah’s latest roast on “The Daily Show” below: