Travel Tips From Six U.S. Open Tennis Stars

What’s the most surprising destination you’ve ever visited? Or, what’s your favorite destination?

I wouldn’t say that anywhere has surprised me, but my most favorite place, apart from Australia, is anywhere in the States. It sort of feels like home to me, especially since I am a massive fan of the NBA.

Mischa Zverev, 31 and Alexander “Sasha” Zverev, 21

Is there one thing you rely on to get through your hectic travel schedules?

Mischa: Our dog, Loevic. He is actually our mom’s dog, but since our mom always travels with us, he’s ours, too. He’s a miniature poodle, and it doesn’t matter what mood I’m in or what stress I’m going through when I’m traveling — whenever I see him, my spirits are lifted.

Sasha: I love having Loevic around, but having all my family with me, including Mischa, always helps when I’m on the road.

What’s your top piece of advice to anyone who travels as much as you do (or wants to)?

Mischa: Travel with fun people. If there are flight delays or any hassles, at least you’re surrounded by people who will entertain you. You’ll never get too bored or frustrated. Sasha and I travel with a lot of great people — our family, our coaches and sometimes, friends.

Can you each name your No. 1 travel essential?

Mischa: A good phone that has long lasting battery power. Whenever I want to get in touch with friends or call a cab or listen to music, my phone does the job.

Sasha: Definitely a phone, but also a PlayStation.

Do you have any tips for how to sleep well on a plane?

Sasha: You get on it and start sleeping. I have no problem sleeping on planes. I can sleep anywhere.