Tom Llamas: ‘In a lot of ways’ Melania Trump is the ‘polar opposite of her husband’ Video

Transcript for Tom Llamas: ‘In a lot of ways’ Melania Trump is the ‘polar opposite of her husband’

It’s obvious I didn’t wear the jacket for the children. I wore the jacket to go on the plane and off the plane. It was for the people and for the left wing media who are criticizing me and I want to show them that I don’t care. You were sending a message with the jacket? It was kind of a message, yes. First lady Melania trump with Tom llamas. Tom is joining us at the round table. Right there you saw the first lady echo the president’s she broke with him on that issue of family separation. That’s right. Melania trump is just like her husband and a lot of ways she’s the polar opposite. The issue of immigration and U.S. Aid she’s not in line with her husband. She tells us that she tells him and he agrees with her and then when he goes out on those rallies it’s a different story. Maggie, you cover the white house every single day. What is the relationship like in the white house, not necessarily the personal relationship, how do you compare Melania’s influence to the influence of other first laladies. It’s not very much. I think she’s tried to influence him where she can. That’s not who she is. You see with the president and first lady, they read everything. Everything. She pays incredible attention of her coverage. She’s aware of tweets. You saw there with her reaction to the jacket. It’s an answer I don’t entirely believe. What they said at the time was much closer to the truth. I believe that earlier explanation. I don’t believe it was aimed at the media. You believe it was aimed at someone else. Yes. I will tell you, George, almost every rally during the campaign, he would call her to see what she thoughts. He cares deeply about the way she thinks he comes across and expresses himself. It’s true. On policy she picks her spots. On the day to day how is he coming across, he cares what she thinks. Not just the first lady, but after almost every event he starts rolling calls. Absolutely. But you know — Talks to as many people from different parts of his orbit, not just political people, business people, Hollywood people. All different folks in his orbit he gathers that information and he listens. People don’t think he listens. He listens. He doesn’t always take the advice. I can tell you that firsthand, but he listens. Her campaign on bullying is very important. I also think that she comes across sometimes as being reticent. She doesn’t want to push too far. It’s a very important campaign and a timely campaign to talk about the impact of bullying in our society. Going back to this wardrobe issue, nobody really cares what she’s trying to say. She was going to Texas to meet with children who had been separated from families. It distracted from her message. That’s what people were concerned about. All these points are sort of connected. I asked her what compelled you to where that jacket. You had just been with children. She said she doesn’t read Twitter. She clearly does. She feels she’s the most bullied person on the planet. All this coverage from the campaign up until now has affected her.

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