Through speakers at funeral, late Sen. John McCain’s voice ‘defiant as ever’ Video

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It was a remarkable scene here in Washington yesterday as filled the national cathedral to pay their respects to theatre senator,n McCain. The ki of service normally final stage and E speakers he hand-picked to eulogize him D as an emional admo of the politicsealy consuming this country. At times C O Donald Trump as an embrace of an American hero. I are before U saying the words I have never to say, giving this speech I have never wanted to , feeling lo never wa to feel. My father is gone. But on Saturday, John McCain’s voice was as clear and Deas ever. The sentimeof his daughter, Meghan McCain. Thto mourn T passing of American greatness, hing. Not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near tso willing, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those live lives of comfond privile ile he suffered and served. Rom her father’s service and sacrificto his visof our America does not boast because she has nod to. The America of John mcca no need be made G again because America was always great.applause ] That speech only part of a week long tribute that John McCain planned himself T shipartisanship at its best. Back he day, heould frustrate me, and D say the same thibout me, but he also made me better. Two formepridents, former rivals who defeated McCain in thpolitical arena, laudiis legacy and his vision the country. So of our Poli, our public life, our discourse can seem small and mean and petty. Trg in bombast and insultnd phony coversies, and manufaured outra. John called on us to be bigger an that. He called on ue better than that. Another thinly veiled rebuke the curre occupant of the ite house O had challenged McCain’s heroism, trump was invited tof this week’s ceremonies. He spent Saturday at the golf course inste ughout the week as leaders praised McCain for reaching across the aisle, P called out the Democrats. Today’s Democrat party is held hosta by left W haters, angry mobs, deep state radicals, establishment cronies and their fake news allies And whiccain’s friends anfamily gathered this weekend to honor war her trump was about nafta, the department of . Noas this labor day weekend mas the critical final stretday, the president S and actions will be hovering over ballot. Cording tour new ABC news/ “Wpost” poll 60% of ameri trump’performanc office, a new high, and nearly half of Americans support co initiatimpeachment proceedings agains here to discuss McCain’s legacy

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