This Polarizing Denim Trend Is Giving Your Skinny Jeans Some Competition

We’re frequently trying to predict the next big denim trend to hit the scene, and since the runway isn’t always the best place to spot them, we tend to look to celebrities and the fashion crowd for any indications as to what they may be. The latest to catch our attention came via someone who is both a celebrity and a member of the fashion crowd: model Alessandra Ambrosio. Ambrosio pretty much lives in denim (and leggings), so we trust her judgment. The style she just stepped out in? Baggy flares, which is a style that people tend to love or hate.

While cropped flares seem to be fading away, they’re being replaced by baggy jeans. If you love the idea of loose-fit jeans but don’t want to part with the flared-leg look, and are tired of skinny jeans, this could definitely be the trend for you. 

Keep scrolling to see how Ambrosio and other celebs and fashion-crowd members wear baggy flares (and shop our favorite styles, naturally).