This Is Mariah Carey’s Exact Beauty Routine and Products

We’re very much into celebrating all of our favorite women and honing in on their super-secret beauty tips, tricks, and product musts (see Katie Holmes, Halle Berry, and January Jones to name a few), but who better to investigate next than the queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey? I’ve been an adoring fan of the singer from the moment I laid ears on “Honey” (ahem, I was four), and my admiration and appreciation for the star have only grown over the years. 

Of course, if all my Christmas dreams came true, I’d turn into a Swarovski-bedazzled Mariah at the stroke of December each year, but since that will likely never happen (hey, a girl can dream), I reached out to the star’s longtime makeup artist and very close friend Kristofer Buckle to get in on her beauty magic, instead. (Fun fact: Buckle has been at Carey’s side since 1997 and is responsible for all of her most iconic beauty moments.) So if, like me, all you want for Christmas this year are some of Carey’s all-time best beauty secrets, keep scrolling. Buckle is sharing his top six below!