This Is Exactly How Popular Birkenstocks Are

From over-the-top runway trends to $50 Zara versions, you’ve likely heard us talking about the “ugly” shoe trend ad nauseam. It may seem like it’s another trend that only fashion insiders are willing to experiment with, but there are pretty significant sales numbers to back up the movement. For instance, Business of Fashion just published a new interview with Oliver Reichert, the co–chief executive of Birkenstock, and we learned some fascinating tidbits about the company.

BoF reports that Birkenstock sales tripled between 2012 and 2016 to roughly $800 million, and the company is on track to sell a staggering 25 million pairs of shoes this year. How’s that for proof that the “ugly” shoe trend is here to stay? Scroll down to shop our favorite Birkenstocks and ideas on how to style them.