These Will Be the Biggest Skinny Jean Trends of 2020

Whether you personally love or loathe skinny jeans, I think we can all agree that the style could easily be considered a classic at this point. After all, skinnies have basically remained a constant in many a fashion person’s wardrobes for years and years now. But while the overall silhouette is more or less timeless, there are specific skinny jean trends that cruise in and out of the trend cycle. And yep, I believe those super-light-wash skinny jeans with excess whiskering are one style we may be seeing less and less of over the next year.

Now, don’t get me wrong, a light wash is actually quite forward in the form of a straight-leg or flare silhouette, but with skinnies, that wash just feels a tad outdated to me. But don’t worry if you live in skinnies (or want to re-introduce into your wardrobe), there’s a host of modern skinny jeans that will feel cool and fashionable in 2020. To highlight these trends further, I rounded up a range of street style imagery as inspiration. Naturally, I also shopped out all of my favorite pairs to keep your denim drawer as fresh as possible.