These Will Be the 5 Biggest Denim Trends of Summer 2019

Seeing as summer is pretty much in full swing at this point, it’s time to get serious about what you’re going to wear and, of course, buy. As such, you may have noticed a plethora of guides on the subject right here on Who What Wear, covering everything from swimwear to vacation style to the must-know prints to highly specific seasonal colors and more. And unless you plan on sticking with the basics (think plain jean jackets, skinny jeans, or classic cutoffs), there’s much to know about the season’s must-have denim trends as well.

So what’s worth buying in the denim world right now? If you ask me, the below five categories stand out from the pack—by a landslide. From on-the-rise trends our editors have a hunch about to established ones we know will be sticking around a while longer, just keep scrolling to see and shop them all.