These Will Be the 4 Biggest Shoe Trends of 2020

Call it cliché, but there’s something about the start of the New Year that always gets us itching for a wardrobe refresh—especially in the shoe department. And while we’ve already noted some of the upcoming 2020 footwear trends, we thought we’d take it one step further (wink wink) and dive into the new shoe styles worth testing out first, and alternatively, those silhouettes that can be stored away so ensure you keep up your shoe game.

On that note, we tapped Hallie Spradlin, the accessories director behind trend-forecasting Mecca Fashion Snoops, to give us her expert opinion on the footwear trends to say hello (and goodbye) to. Keep scrolling for the ultimate 2020 shoe digest, complete with notes from Spradlin. Plus, shop styles that are on the must-try list.