These Were the 24 Most Popular Fashion Items of 2019

You love to shop, yes? Thought so. In fact, if you landed on this story, there’s a strong chance you clicked in for that very reason—to scope a potential new treasure. Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what’s coming your way. But I’m not showcasing a random mix of items below. Instead, I tapped our internal data team here at the WWW HQ to uncover the top products you, dear readers, shopped the most from our content throughout 2019.

Some of the staple pieces in question might be familiar to you already (aka they’re hanging in your closet), but there might be some you missed over the year that are worth a little add-to-cart action. Keep scrolling to reminisce and shop the most popular items below (those that aren’t sold out, that is). I’m talking everything from top-rated leggings to gorgeous ankle boots to A+ denim and everything in between. Happy shopping.