These Metallic New Year’s Outfits Will Replace Your Sequins

With every New Year’s Eve party, there comes a wave of glittering ensembles, as if your city has been sprinkled with crystals—a theme nearly any fashion girl can get behind. However, if you’re feeling a little burnt out on the sparkles but still want to be festive, try a metallic outfit instead for New Year’s.

As much as we love sequins—any other type of embellishment, for that matter—metallic pieces have a way of dressing up any outfit without feeling too over the top. Plus, they’re surprisingly versatile. Whether it’s the subtle sheen of a skirt that catches your eye or a pair of full-on reflective pants, this trend is one that will make a statement in all the right ways. Soon enough, you just might find your metallic clothes replacing those sparkly details once and for all. To illustrate our point, we’ve gathered our favorite looks from fashion girls who pull off metallic pieces in ways that were practically made for your New Year’s Eve. Read on to check them all out below.