These Are the 5 Biggest New Engagement Ring Trends, Period

Deciding on an engagement ring is a huge deal. With so many options on the market these days, there is certainly a lot to choose from. If you’re thinking about which engagement ring is the right one for you and want to take a look at the coolest trends and designers of the moment, we’re diving into all of that here. Since there is so much newness in the bridal world, I reached out to some of my favorite experts to highlight everything to know about rings now.

Each of the new engagement ring trends featured here was selected with fashion insiders in mind, meaning that you’re about to see all of these on-the-rise styles on your Instagram feed if you haven’t already. From the classic cut that is winning out right now to fashion people’s obsession with modern, unexpected shapes to the uptick in design-led pieces, these are the six most important engagement ring trends of 2021 that every “cool bride” should know about.