These Are the 43 Best Fall Zara Items

Is there anything better than a fall Zara haul? I think not. The beloved retailer has built a cult following for more reasons than one, but if I had to name a few, the affordability, wide selection of trends and basics, and the inspiring styling are what come to mind. I am convinced that Zara gets better and better each season and fall 2020 is no exception. Don’t believe me? Well, I’m about to prove it to you. 

Ahead, I have gathered the 43 best fall items Zara has to offer from boots to sweaters and back again. Featuring this season’s biggest trends, coolest basics, and all the accessories you’ll need to complete the look, I have a feeling you’ll leave here with a shopping cart so full, you’ll almost wish you never clicked into this article in the first place! Just kidding.