These Are the 25 Best Boots for Tall Women

At 5’11”, I’m what most people would consider tall. I’m so tall, in fact, that I’m regularly stopped and asked what basketball team I play for. Not if, but what—as if being tall somehow means I’m automatically in the WNBA. Regardless, I love my height. I love standing out in a crowd. I’m thrilled I can wear maxi dresses all summer long without worrying about tripping. I actually enjoy being similar in height to my 6’2″ boyfriend. No awkward couples photos here, thank you very much.

That are, however, certain considerations that must be made when you’re 5’8″+. For example, I tend to veer away from miniskirts, as what might be mini on others is practically invisible on me. Likewise, I prefer a lower heel like a mule over a stiletto. I like meeting my boyfriend eye-to-eye, but I’m not trying to pat him on the head from above. That’s why when it comes to boots, there are certain styles I prefer. I’m not shopping for 5-inch bootie heels, but I’m definitely seeking out the perfect over-the-knee boot. With me? Keep reading for the best boot styles for tall women.