These Are the 21 Most French-Girl Items at Topshop

Call it a cliché, but everyone still wants to know what French girls are buying and wearing, and it’s looking like that’ll never change. We’re quite certain that the thing that’s most appealing about the French is that their aesthetic is quite simple and classic, which makes it easy to replicate. And since French girls love a good fast fashion find as much as the rest of us, we can’t help but be intrigued by what they’d purchase from specific retailers, i.e. Topshop. 

While Topshop has plenty of trendy items in their inventory at all times, they also have plenty of more timeless pieces that we think would appeal strongly to a French girl’s sensibility. With that in mind, we scoured its current stock in search of the items that we think French girls would lose it over. Keep scrolling to shop all 21 of them.