These Are the 20 Most Coveted Sneaker Styles

I recently learned about online retailer StockX and instantly became fascinated. Instead of functioning as a traditional e-tailer, StockX is a luxury resale site that operates like a stock market. Buyers and sellers bid on fashion items, while a portfolio closely tracks their market value and popularity. So what can all of this data tell us about the most popular sneaker styles? A lot, it turns out.

I combed through the data on StockX to find out which sneakers styles and brands are most in-demand right now. From my findings, I discovered there are six sneaker brands that are wanted above all others and the specific shoe styles people are buying. Go on to see which sneaker styles top the list, and scroll to the end to see the sneaker brand that is winning out against all others. Consider this your guide to cool sneakers—with the data to back it up.