These Are Nordstrom’s Most Comfortable Ankle Boots

A recent observation was made among the Who What Wear team about a certain pair of ankle boots that are mind-blowingly comfortable, and lo and behold, Kaia Gerber just wore the same exact boots that several of us editors own and have been raving about. The boots in question are Paige Willa boots, a Chelsea-Western ankle boot hybrid. While the boots are certainly available in black and brown Gerber chose snake print (just like this editor), which happens to be one of the season’s #1 boot trends, especially among celebrities

You’re probably thinking, isn’t Paige a denim brand? That’s certainly where it started, but it’s expanded to ready-to-wear pieces, and earlier this year, shoes. The launch is clearly going well, given how many celebs we’ve spotted wearing its comfortable shoes thus far. While Gerber’s snake-print style is nearly sold out on Paige’s e-comm site, they’re readily available on Nordstrom, along with black, brown, and a particularly “extra” pink sequin iteration. Keep scrolling to shop the boots Who What Wear editors (and Kaia Gerber, apparently) swear by, as well as our other favorite Paige ankle boots on Nordstrom.