These 9 Marilyn Monroe Outfits Are Undeniably Timeless

As time continues to move forward, the list of style icons continues to grow. However, no matter how many years pass by, there will always be a select few who stay at the forefront of our minds. One such icon is Marilyn Monroe. Blame it on her unparalleled stardom, which cemented her status as a household name and style icon in Hollywood, or her effortlessly chic off-duty ensembles, but there’s no question that Marilyn Monroe’s outfits are simply timeless.

Monroe perfectly captured the epitome of classic style whether she was wearing a simple sweater and capris, a little black dress, or luxurious gown. To show you what we mean, we’ve pulled together the late actress’s most iconic ensembles that prove she’ll always be an inspiration for fashion lovers everywhere. Scroll down to see them all below.