These 8 Trends Are Dead to Celebrity Stylists

The true rising of a trend can be attributed to many factors including the runway, street style, social media, and stylists. When a celebrity stylist dresses a client in that one style we saw come down the runway, chances are fangirls, fashion girls, and the like will be clamoring for the trend in no time at all. With a response like that, I guess you could say stylists are influential in the shaping of rising and falling of trends, no?

Here today to give us the inside scoop on the latest fashion trends they are eyeing and ignoring right now are five well-known celebrity stylists. Get ready because the trends they dislike, they really dislike. Now this doesn’t mean that if you happen to love the trends they are skipping over this coming season that you’re not stylish—the answers below are coming from their personal points of view. However, their points of view are pretty spot-on, as they dress some of the celebrities you know and love, so basically, take their answers with a grain of salt and enjoy a sneak peek into the styles we’re about to see a huge rise in.

Available in sizes XXS to L.
Available in sizes 23 to 32.
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