These 6 French-Girl Boot Trends Got 89,000 Likes on IG

You can always spot a French girl‘s Instagram account from a mile away. The photos invariably include a plethora of Parisian rooftop views, posing in front of elegant doors, and lounging in the iconic green chairs in the Jardin des Tuileries. Don’t get me wrong—this isn’t a diss whatsoever. Listen, if I lived in France, I’d also be milking it for all the content it’s worth. When it comes to French influencers on Instagram, I come for the Parisian scenery and stay for the impeccable style

Now that we’re inching towards fall, I decided to take do a bit of fun research on how the best-dressed French women on Instagram wear boots. A handful of boot trends emerged as common themes—and it’s no coincidence that the women’s followers were huge fans of the outfits. Below, I rounded up 6 boot trends totaling over 77,000 IG likes.