These 5 Handbags Are Selling the Best on Instagram

There’s no one way to go about finding the best products that fashion and the internet have to offer. Often, we’ll turn to customer reviews to give us insights from our fellow shoppers, and other times, we’re scouring the Instagram accounts of our favorite influencers to discover which brands we need on our radar. However, with the help of, we’ve been analyzing intel to understand which trends are not only getting attention on Instagram but actually leading to sales, too. The latest findings shed light on handbag styles specifically and say a lot about which ones stand the test of time.

We asked LTK to find out which bags styles are currently selling the best, and though some results speak to of-the-moment trends, the overall takeaway is that classic silhouettes are still currently the top earners. Below, see which five bags people simply can’t scroll past.