These 2021 Trends Won’t Fizzle Out by 2022 (But These Will)

Although I love to shop the trends each season, I absolutely hate it when I buy something only to see it fall out of favor a year later. I can usually predict these things though (it’s my job, after all), so avoiding being stuck with an item that peaked and fizzled doesn’t happen all too often for me anymore. Trust me—I don’t avoid shopping for trends by any means, but I do shop for them very carefully, so I’m here to share my current-season advice.

As you probably presumed, I combed through all of the big 2021 trends (so far) to share with you the seven that I think have staying power as well as those that unfortunately don’t. As you might have guessed, most of my selections veer more classic and versatile, but they are trendy nonetheless. Scroll on to shop a little smarter this year by perusing the current trends you’ll want to wear indefinitely. (And just a reminder: If you love any of the “might fizzle” trends, by all means, wear them into 2022 and beyond!)