These 16 Hexagon Engagement Rings Will Be Taking Over

There are a lot of engagement rings out there, including ones that fall within the “unconventional” realm. From alternative gemstones and unique settings, it can be tough to narrow down which ones feel true to you and your sense of style. Though there’s always the option to go as nontraditional as possible, there’s also an unexpected style that feels both modern and timeless: hexagon engagement rings.

With a cool geometric shape that provides a contemporary response to traditional gemstones found in engagement rings, a hexagon stone will feel special to you without the risk of feeling dated years after your walk down the aisle. Plus, if you do decide you want something more eye-catching, there are a handful of options that take the idea to another level. Considering those two factors, there’s no doubt you’re about to see this style everywhere.

Below, we’ve rounded up hexagon engagement rings that will fit any modern bride’s personal taste. From sweet and simple designs to cool statement-making styles, you’ll find everything here. Better get that Pinterest board ready…