These 15 Minimalist-Heel Outfits Are So Cool

We may be biased, but as much as we love wearing our favorite standout dresses, tops, or bottoms, an outfit really comes down to the little things—and to us, that means shoes. That being said, our bold, statement-making heels don’t always go with what we want to wear, especially when it’s our clothes that we want to shine. In that case, we turn to our simplest of heels. Timeless and understated, minimalist heels have a way of elevating our outfits without them feeling too intentional.

Whether it’s a pair of classic pumps or some undeniably pretty strappy sandals, a pair of minimalist heels will always be in style, no matter what you plan to wear with them. To show you what we mean, we rounded up the coolest looks from our favorite It girls who style them with anything and everything. Scroll down to see the looks for yourself; there isn’t an outfit that these heels don’t go with.