These 12 Purses Are Compact But Still Fit Everything You Nee

As someone who used to walk around with the largest bag possible stuffed with anything one could possibly need, tiny bags horrified me. I have always felt the need to have a stock of products on me, from phone chargers to more than one lipstick option (Just in case I lost one.) But as I continued to carry black-hole bags that would often be stuffed with unnecessary items, I realized I needed to approach things in a more minimal way and downsize. I don’t think I’m ready to join the tiny bag crew yet, but there’s still a variety of compact-sized bags on the market that’ll fit the essentials.

Since I’m sure I’m not the only one looking to downsize on my accessory game, I did the digging and found 12 popular bags that meet the size requirement all while holding the perfect amount. While a lot of “durable” bags can often not be the prettiest, many of these bags are fashion girl favorites so don’t fret, this selection will meet your requirements in the aesthetics department. From new and trendy items to classic pieces, there’s a variety of styles below that are worth investing in as your everyday bag.