The Zara Drop Our Whole Office is Slacking Each Other About

Zara releases a trendy new drop and we proceeded to lose it over the mind-blowingly cool (and affordable) pieces. Such is the series of events that occurs, without fail, when any of us peruse Zara’s new arrivals section. On this particular occasion, the Z really brought their A-game, dropping a piece that hits the nail on the head with this spring’s major tie-dye trend—and the reactions from Team Who What Wear ended up all over our Slack channel.

It all started when one of our editors Allyson posted about a story she was writing on a new pair of jeans from the brand. Immediately, the rest of the team fixated on the tie-dye sweatshirt the model has styled alongside the jeans. You might be wondering why it was a sweatshirt (relatively boring as far as fashion goes) and not, say, a bag or shoes that was the subject of our excitement. Let me explain. Between the neutral colors and toned-down print, the crewneck comes off as surprisingly wearable for being part of such an intimidating trend as tie-dye. This, coupled with its $40 price tag proved to be the recipe for cult fandom. Did I mention the sweatshirt had yet to actually be shoppable on Zara’s site? Consider us hooked.

Scroll down to read the Slack messages we sent each other about Zara’s new It sweatshirt and then capitalize on the opportunity to shop it for yourself (along with the rest of the epic tie-dye drop).