The World’s Best Shoppers Share What to Buy for Summer

If you read Who What Wear regularly, we’re pretty certain you love to shop. Some of us shop for fun, out of necessity, or as a hobby. And then there are shoppers so good at the task that they do it for a living. These women are always two steps ahead of the fashion curve, they’re savvy to every brand under the sun (from the big fashion houses to emerging designers), and they’re on top of all the latest seasonal trends before everyone else.

So naturally we’re inclined to pick their brains now and then for guidance on the trending items to buy every season. Step in our new World’s Best Shoppers series. From fashion buyers to stylists, every month we’ll highlight the best fashion picks recommended by the shopping leaders of the fashion industry. Today, the world’s best shoppers are sharing what’s on their wish list for the summer season ahead. Scroll below to shop their must-haves.