The ‘Westworld’ Mystery That Started It All Might Finally Be Solved

But there’s gems all through this thing, so I think that it’s all that data harvesting is in there as well as all the technology for the hosts. Just imagine: Their eyes are cameras, their hard drives are downloading everything, so there’s so much information. Again, that’s a guess.

Dolores has been out there killing a bunch of people. How does Peter feel about his daughter? Is he proud?

Yeah, I mean, I don’t think Peter is cognizant of it enough to be aware of it at that point, but I was looking at your theory, and you were theorizing about the [hosts eventually having babies] and stuff, and how Maeve [Thandie Newton] is dead set on finding her daughter. And then you have the image [of a mother and baby in the new titles], and I don’t know what it means, I really don’t. I was just listening to your report on that. … If you go back to that pilot, you have Peter and he’s completely devoted to Dolores when he’s talking to Ford [Anthony Hopkins], who asks, “What are your drives?” He said to take care of my cattle, take care of my wife, and to protect Dolores, so that’s another thing that goes to kind of what you were saying. And Peter is the first host to show that undying love for his child.

Yeah, I’m into that theory. I’m sure there’s going to be robot babies.

Oh, and by the way, I gotta give props to you and your cohort Leigh, who said “Bernarmy.” That was hysterical.

Hey, thanks. There are so many Bernards in the trailer.

Yeah, I love that, because I had to go back and stop the trailer and say, “Was that a bunch of Bernards there? Damn, it was a bunch of Bernards.” I wish they had a bunch of Peters.

[Laughs] Definitely. And with all those Bernards, who knows if the Bernard we’re seeing is actually Bernard or some other character in disguise as Bernard?

Man, I have no clue. I have no clue, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to be, because you saw Peter in that Season 1 scene with Tony Hopkins. You saw him be Peter, and you saw him be The Professor. It’s unlikely that Bernard was ever programmed to be anything but Bernard, but you never know what Ford was up to and why he likes making so many of them.

What was it like working with Anthony Hopkins in Season 1?

The first time I met Tony―

Oh, so Anthony Hopkins likes to be called Tony? Because my colleague recently did an interview and wondered if Robert De Niro liked to be called Bob.

So does Robert Redford. He likes to be called Bob. I haven’t worked with him, but I have friends that have that call him Bob.

And Anthony introduces himself as Tony?

I got the part on a Friday, and on Monday I was sitting at a table with Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, Jonah Nolan and in walks J.J. Abrams, so it was quite a day.

When I first walked in, I walked up to Jonah Nolan, and I had never met Jonathan, and we did it at one of the buildings on the Western set. Jonah comes walking out, and he introduces himself. “So glad to have you on board.” I said, “So glad to be on board.” And there’s Anthony Hopkins and Jeffrey. I can’t remember how he introduced him, whether it was Anthony or Sir Anthony, but first thing out of his mouth was, “Call me Tony.”

Wow, how was it being in that room?

I’ll be honest with you, Bill. I was more intimidated in that rehearsal by the time J.J. walked in than I was doing the scene with Anthony. 

So words are important in this show.

Every word. Every word. There are no mistakes.

There’s a word that both Dolores and Peter seem to repeat a lot, and that’s “splendor.” 

As soon as Dolores said, “Have you ever seen anything with so much splendor?” And I thought immediately, you know Papa Peter, I was like, “Yeah, baby. That’s my girl.”

I loved that. That was very exciting to me. I hang on every word everyone says anyway, because I’m kind of a nutty fan like everybody else, but it’s always kind of gratifying when you get a piece of inside information like that. I think it’s just a word she’s been programmed to know.

For sure. It seems like there’s always something more happening, though.

The biggest mystery to me, quite frankly ― and it’s because I was part of it ― is why did Peter have the trigger [“These violent delights …”] first of all? Because Dolores didn’t have it until I gave it to her. Well, it had to come from Arnold.

Also, was that picture that set him off planted there?

Well, I guess that’s the other part. I kind of question that. OK, it fell out [of William’s pocket]. It took 30 years to find, but it kind of lasted?

I’m totally with you. Something’s going on there.

Yeah, something’s going on.

I just interviewed the woman in the photo.

Oh, did you? I’m dying to see that.

Yeah, and I said, “You know, you really messed up Peter Abernathy’s life.” She’s into meeting up and reconciling. Would you be up for that?

[Laughs] I would love to. I would love to.