The Victoria Beckham Augustinus Bader Moisturizer Is Here

It’s official: I am totally obsessed with Victoria Beckham’s skin. From forgoing my own carefully honed skincare routine for an entire week in favor of switching to VB’s (no hardship, I’m sure you’ll agree) to fine-combing her Instagram for the very best skincare tips direct from the lady herself, there’s no arguing with the fact that I take a Beckham beauty recommendation incredibly seriously. 

So when Victoria Beckham Beauty finally landed back in September, I have to confess that I felt a little (okay, a lot) let down with the fact that there was no skincare offering from the brand. Sure, the contents of Victoria’s makeup bag are definitely of interest to me, and it’s no surprise that Beckham launched with smokey eye palettes and nude lip liners that are synonymous with her trademark beauty look, but it’s VB’s skincare that I’ve always been most interested in.

Well, luckily for me, the wait is over with Victoria Beckham’s very first skincare launch dropping today. But what can we expect?