The Versatile One-Piece Outfit I Could Wear Every Day

Since I don’t have an especially linear body type, and given my history with maxi dresses, I was expecting it to look even worse on. Much to surprise, I instantly fell in love with itI—so I hesitated to look at the price tag, afraid of what I’d find. The even bigger surprise was that the dress had gone from being close $2500 to under $500. I knew I was in the midst of a miracle of biblical proportions right there in the fitting room, and to pass that up would be sartorial sacrilege. Plus, I hadn’t treated myself to any clothes for the entire year, so I decided to use pretty much all my extra spending money on this fine, fine dress.

Still, it was a final-sale item, so I was nervous to make the splurge—and six months later, I can say that I have zero regrets. I’ve styled it so many different ways, and somehow it strikes the perfect balance between flattering and modest, bold and understated, which means I can wear it to work and when I go out. To the office, I wear it with sneakers or flat mules for a 100% comfortable yet chic ensemble. As you can see below, I wore it to a special steak dinner date at the famous Hollywood joint Musso and Franks, too. Naturally, I accessorized it with a classy toothpick to fit the occasion.