The Under-$40 Pants That Can (and Should) Replace Your Jeans

As someone who has had a lifelong love affair with denim, the fact that I have recently been opting to trade in my beloved jeans for pants and trousers roughly 50% of the time—some examples here and here—has signaled that there’s a serious shift going on, not just with my own style but within the fashion world in general. That’s right: After years and years of jeans-over-everything as the coolest bottoms around, more traditional pants are officially back, people, and all it takes is one look at Instagram or recent street style to prove it.

Furthermore, with both the suiting and utility trends gaining steam over the past year and both themes showing all signs of staying very relevant for S/S 20, there seem to be no better trousers around than those which are cargo-inspired—a combination of the two. They’re the perfect union of sleek and casual and add more polish to an outfit than your go-to jeans ever could. Plus, thanks to our very own Who What Wear collection for Target, you can get them (in one of two colors) for less than $40. 

If that’s not enough to convince you—though it really should be—I’ve also taken the liberty of rounding up 14 outfits for inspiration on how you can style your pair before you take the plunge. To see all the looks for yourself plus shop our Who What Wear Mid-Rise Cargo Trousers ($35) in black and green at the end, just keep scrolling.