The “Ugly” Sneakers Fashion People Wear With Leggings

Another day, another chat about the polarizing trend of the year: “dad” sneakers. By now you probably have a strong opinion on the “ugly” kicks (aka love or loathe). But given that fashion people everywhere won’t stop wearing the clunksters in a variety of different ways, it’s evident they’re not really going away anytime soon—so you’re going to have to get used to seeing them no matter your feelings.

When it comes to the look du jour among the street style set as of late, it’s all about “dad” sneakers and leggings. Throughout the last few months and even during fashion week, if someone stepped out in sneakers, it was almost always this trainer silhouette with their leggings. To showcase, we rounded up how fashion people are wearing their leggings with the sneakers now to inspire you or nudge you closer to the thought of dipping your toe into the “ugly trend” pool.