The Two River Times | New Law Bans Smoking on Public Beaches

By early next year, smoking on all of New Jersey’s beaches will be prohibited. Environmental advocates hope the ban will curb pollution statewide. Photo by Jay Cook

SEA BRIGHT – Melissa D’Anna was never a fan of smoking on the beach. And that was before she recently stepped on two lit cigarettes while giving surfing lessons in Long Branch.

“It’s just a nuisance,” said D’Anna, the owner of Lucky Dog Surf Co. in downtown Sea Bright. “If you want to hurt yourself and your life, it’s your choice. But do it elsewhere.”

D’Anna is just one of the many Two River-area residents who applauded a new state law signed by Gov. Phil Murphy last week that will ban smoking and vaping on all public beaches and parks across New Jersey. It’s set to go into effect in January 2019.

Alongside other state officials in Long Branch July 20, Murphy said the law is designed to address public health issues and environmental concerns.