The Trending Hairstyles to Have on Your Radar Right Now

Bobs and lobs are here to stay, and if you’ve been planning to go for the chop, now’s the time.

“With the time of natural, bedhead hair and nowhere to go coming to an end, clients want to feel pampered. Sharp and chic jaw-length bobs are in demand, easy to style, and look great while you’re lining up outside at the supermarket,” notes Buller.

If you want to keep more length, then the longer version might work for you. Lauren Grunsell, head of education at Simone Thomas Hair Salon, says, “The lob is very much in style now, and I would say possibly in the next few months it will be the same but with more texture added. People have learned over lockdown that they can have a more relaxed look and still look glam and funky.”