The Trending 2021 Items That Princess Diana Wore First

Given the media adoration, fashion industry attention, and overall constant press coverage, there is no denying that Princess Diana was an absolute style icon in her day. Between her haircuts and her outfits, Lady Di’s looks were loved and emulated the world over in the ’80s and early ’90s.

Though, the true test of her fashion icon status is, undoubtedly, the fact that we’re still talking about her style more than 20 years later. From the boxy blazers to the Versace minidresses, several of the late royal’s most iconic looks feel more relevant than ever in 2021, and that is only supported by the fact we keep seeing influencers and fashion devotees in reimagined versions of her past outfits. 

From checkerboard-print trousers to knitted vests and colorful patterned coats, several of the trends Princess Diana championed in the ’80s are now the key looks we’re seeing for spring 2021. Holiday The Label has released a style of check trousers which feel very reminiscent of an instantly recognizable pair Diana was pictured wearing in 1986, while the purple knitted vest she donned as a fresh-faced 19-year-old also feels extremely modern today. 

When it comes to Diana’s style, so much of her aesthetic was timeless that we often forget she too loved trying seasonal trends. Keep scrolling for three current trends that Princess Diana wore first.