The Top 6 Fashion Trends on Instagram for March 2019

Trends emerge at the speed of light these days, so to keep you up to date on what the fashion crowd is wearing and posting about, we’re launching a new series that highlights all the It pieces currently flooding our Instagram feeds. Each month, we’ll walk you through the items that have swiftly made the rounds on Instagram, earning them It status.

They say three’s a crowd, right? Well, in the world of fashion Instagram, three people are enough to constitute a veritable trend—er, micro-trend, if you want to get technical. When an item pops up on our feeds once, we double-tap. When it shows up twice, we make a mental note of it. And by the third, fourth, and fifth time we spot the same bag, shoe, or clothing item on the fashion insiders we love to follow, we take it upon ourselves to report on the emerging trend.

With that in mind, I’ve curated a selection of the top fashion trends on Instagram I’ve spotted already this month—and we’re only halfway through March. From Ganni’s leather fringe jacket singlehandedly ensuring the Western trend keeps going strong to the newest Jacquemus It bag in town that’s been making the rounds in Paris, once you discover each of these six items, you can basically call yourself an insider. Keep reading to discover the defining pieces of the month and shop similar styles, too.