The Top 5 Fashion Items on Instagram for October 2019

Trends emerge at the speed of light these days, so to keep you up to date on what the fashion crowd is wearing and posting about, we’re launching a new series that highlights all the It pieces currently flooding our Instagram feeds. Each month, we’ll walk you through the items that have swiftly made the rounds on Instagram, earning them It status.

Remember the last time we did this roundup? If not, let me break it down. If you’re familiar with this story, then simply continue on to get your download on the coolest pieces in the fashion world right now. If you’re new here, you can consider this story your monthly cheat sheet on the most popular fashion items on Instagram (and across the internet, for that matter). We’ve spotted the following bags, shoes, and clothing items on the more than one of the many fashion insiders we love to follow, so we’re taking it upon ourselves to report on the emerging It items. Keep reading to discover the defining pieces of October.