The Tie-Dye Trend Is Taking Over the World

We should preface by saying that this isn’t the first time we’ve brought tie-dye to your attention. We’ve pointed out the nostalgia factor of tie dye, shown you how to wear it (here and here), and championed Reformation’s new tie-dye tee collection. The reason we’re bringing up the trend yet again is this: It’s emerged as one of the major trends to come out of every city of fashion month street style, and we’re simply struck by home many cool, affordable pieces on the market right now.

It’s always a bummer when a trend is blowing up but you can’t find a good affordable version of it (take leather trench coats, for example). That’s clearly not the case with tie-dye. You can certainly find plenty of designer takes of the trend (Proenza Schouler is leading the pack), but you also can also find lots of mid-priced and fast-fashion takes. With that, keep scrolling to see how the fashion crowd has been styling tie-dye around the world, and shop our favorite affordable pieces.