The Sweater Styling Idea That’s Trending on Instagram

Since Instagram is pretty much the number one source of outfit inspiration these days, and winter is coming, I’ve been scrolling my feed in search of sweater outfit inspiration lately. My searches have proven to be very fruitful, especially where one sweater outfit is concerned. When I set out to put this story together, I was planning on covering a myriad of ways in which cool girls on Instagram are wearing sweaters this season, but I was so struck by the number of times one specific styling trick popped up that I pivoted and decided to talk about the single sweater outfit that’s trending like crazy on Instagram: sweaters tucked into skirts.

The concept of tucking a sweater in isn’t one that always instantly pops into my mind when choosing an outfit. I usually just assume the sweater will be too bulky for tucking, but after seeing it done by so many women on Instagram, I’m now convinced it’s doable. Fitted sweaters are one thing, but making an oversize sweater flattering with anything other than skinny jeans can be a little tricky. This sweater-tucked-into-skirt outfit, though, should definitely be added to your arsenal. Keep scrolling to see how it’s done and to shop the sweater-and-skirt pairings we adore.